Seeking Out Unique Pieces Of Modern Art For Your Office

If you are interested in looking for unique modern art to adorn your office, there are a few different approaches you can try. First, check out your local galleries to look for pieces and artists that appeal to you. Commercial galleries can tell you who are the best and most popular modern artists in your area. If an artist has an established track record of sales, the value of the work will be stable and perhaps even increase. Instead of thinking of the purchase as an investment, though, you should try to zero in on work that you really like. You want something that you will be comfortable seeing every day and art that reflects the kind of image that you want your office to project. Another approach that can be rewarding is to look for a lesser known artist whose work is very good, but has not yet become popular. These artists are known as “emerging artists,” and sometimes buying their work is a good investment, because you can buy a piece before the artist’s work goes up in value. Non-profit galleries,, cooperative galleries and artists’ open studio events are the best places to find them.

Buying Modern Art At Craft Fairs Is An Affordable Option

One of the greatest things about modern art is its acceptance of the validity of work from all cultures, educational backgrounds, and economic classes. This shift in paradigm has been what paved the way for the idea of Folk Art. It has also been what allows people to buy art from craft fairs at affordable prices and then proudly display these works in their home as serious pieces. In essence, the intrinsic value of a piece of art is no longer determined by its price tag. For this reason, art Read more…

Modern Tips for Modern Art Collecting

As a collector, your modern art collection must reflect who you are as both a collector and a lover of modern art. It’s about the quality of the work – not how much you paid for it – and how it defines you as both a collector and a human being.

You don’t need a seven figure income to achieve the ideal collection. You don’t even need to be fabulously wealthy (although I’m sure it couldn’t hurt). What you do need to do is be true to yourself and make sure you observe the following steps:

Step 1 – Make sure the home is ready for a collection. Designate a space to place this art and make sure your home insurance can cover it. There are lots of sites and services out there that can help. Even geico insurance sites are sure to have the information you need.

Step 2 – Decide who you are both as a human being and a collector. Everything from your past to your feelings to your passions to your favorite color. The art in your collection should represent these traits.

Step 3 – Ditch the silent auctions. There are lots of places you can find art that is truly and remarkably you. Start with garage sales and work your way up to consignment shops, university galleries and folk art festivals.

Drawing Inspiration For Modern Art Ideas From Nature

Much of modern art is abstract. Bold colors, large patterns, and expanded views, the freedom from rules is what makes the choice of modern art in the home a versatile one. When you make your own modern art piece, you must keep a few things in mind including the scale of the project (based on where you want to install it,) the dominant colors to be used, and the design itself.

Nature is a bountiful place to find inspiration for your modern art painting, sculpture, or wall hanging. Check out this link here. Take a camera with a Macro setting option then get up-close and personal with everything outdoors. Focus intently on the veins of a leaf, the skin of a frog, the ripples of bark and the shadows between the blades of grass. Broaden your field of view now to capture the canopy of tree branches overhead, the long twist of vines along a fence or the collection of leaves around the base of a tree stump.

Take pictures of all you see and then review your shots, isolating the images that fit your color schemes or that delight your eye with organic lines or details. Replicate the image on your canvas or in the media of your choice create your one-of-a-kind modern art piece. When you isolate the lines and colors from the bigger image, you turn a recognizable object into abstract modern art inspiration.

The information party rocks on: Best Modern Abstract Art: 4 great modern art installations (I)

Making And Selling Modern Art At Fairs And Craft Shows

Selling art at fairs can be a lucrative process if you have a little knowledge about the process. Art is in the eye of the beholder, so knowing what is currently popular in decorator trends is important. Art is best sold when you have a story behind the piece. Although some buy art because they like the way it looks, having a story behind the art is always helpful.

Knowing what venues to show and sell your Read more…

Using Free Materials To Create Modern Art

Using free material to create modern art for your home or office is easy if you select the right theme and design. It is a fun way to create a design everyone will love and can recognize. Begin by selecting a theme. Themes can be based around color, media, mixed media, eco friendly material, recycled pieces or a combination of each. Once you select your theme and media, choose a base and place your items in a design. If it is not appealing to the eye and your Read more…

Taking A Class In Modern Art Can Inspire Your Creativity

If you are a creative person, you probably notice the ebb and flow of inspiration. Feeling blocked is never fun, and one of the ways around it is to look at things differently. Taking a class in modern art can teach you how to see things in a different light and this can help you break free of any creative blocks you might experience.

Modern art is a huge subject, but that does not mean you should Read more…

Making Your Own Modern Art Pieces For Your Home

Any creative person can fill their home with their own artwork. This might be less expensive than hunting down precisely the right chair or accessory desired, and it allows a person to fill free time with something very constructive. Imagine the stress of the day melting away, as the artist is allowed to let go of the practical needs of the world and live out their own desires and freedom.

Art produced at home may or may not have commercial value. If a person has done a variety of art for many years, then they Read more…